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HackShark is a community of white hat hackers. Here, we all hackers are involved in hacking. Hacking??? oh yeah, it is!! It’s already mentioned that we’re white hat hackers. If you know what is ‘white hat’, then we don’t have anything to elaborate what we do. But, if you don’t know, search google, search wikipedia, search youtube, do whatever you want to; just don’t ask us!

Hacking is a crime? Who says it??

A very first of all, you should clear your concepts about hacking. What is hacking? There are so many definitions available about hacking. Their terms may be, or may not be different; but their meanings are all same. If you ask me, I’ll say, hacking is the process of achieving access to a computer or computer network without legal authorization. Mind the word “legal authorization”, yes, you got the right point. Hacking is not a crime at all! To be more precisely, hacking is not a crime up to that point until it is used in any offensive way. Hackers aren’t criminals. The term “hacking” actually means to enjoy learning and gathering knowledge to stretch someone’s capabilities. Many hackers are keen to learn about computers and consider hacking as an art. They want to build programs to display their problem solving skills and not to harm others.
A hacker first tries their skills on easy targets and then after successful professional attacks on more secured sites. Their goal is to have complete access on any computer so that they can delete, edit or comply any files or directory and also can install any program. Computer hackers are employed by many companies to get complete access on the computer so that they can delete, edit, copy any file or install as their technical staff. These hackers use their skills to find faults in company’s security system so that it can be repaired quickly. Sometimes hacking also prevents serious identity related crimes.

What’s your mentality?

See, knowledge gathering isn’t a crime in this planet. At the end of the day, it depends upon you how you use your knowledge. Everything we show you here, everything we post, is STRICTLY FOR LEARNING PURPOSES. We don’t want to expect anyone become a burglar or robber. We won’t take any kind of liabilities if you use your skills in bad intension. Just enjoy your skill and keep learning. :-)

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