Shut down your computer with a cell phone

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Here I’m going to show you how you can shutdown your computer using your cell phone. I will use the text messaging service or so called SMS to shut down a personal computer. I have tried it on Windows XP, but it can be possible on other operating systems like Fedora, OpenSUSE, RHEL etc also.


  • Outlook Express/Microsoft Outlook.
  • A POP3 enabled email account.
  • A “Kwiry” account.
  • A SMS capable cell phone.

So, let’s get started. At very first of all, you have to create a batch file called “shutdown.bat”. To do so, open your notepad and write the following command in it:

C:\WINDOWS\System32\shutdown -s -f -t 00


Save the file at your ‘C:’ drive and name it as ‘shutdown.bat’.

Now, you should have a POP3 enabled email account. For instance, you can use Gmail. After creating an email account at Gmail, enable the POP3 option from the Gmail settings.

Now, you have to configure Microsoft Outlook. Configure your Outlook in association with the Gmail account you have created. I hope you can configure it yourself because it’s not really a very big deal. Though, if you can’t configure it, contact us, we will help you to configure it.

You have to create a ‘Kwiry’ account. Just go to and sign up for a new account there. After properly signing up at Kwiry, you have to set a rule at your Microsoft Outlook. Ohh, I just forgot to tell, before setting up the rule, change your Outlook mail send/receive settings as below.

Send/Receive Settings > Define Send/Receive Groups > Schedule an automatic send/receive every 1 minutes.

Okay, it’s time to set the rule now as follows.

Tools > Rules and Alerts… > New Rule > Start from a blank rule > select Check messages when they arrive > Next > tick on with specific words in the subject > click on specific words under Step 2: Edit the rule description > write your kwiry – shutdown at the subject text box > Add > Ok > Next > tick on start application > click on application under Step 2: Edit the rule description > select the file ‘shutdown.bat‘ which you have created a few minutes ago > Next > Finish > Apply > Ok.

Okay, that’s it. Now it’s time to check if it works.

Just send a text message ‘shutdown‘ (without the quotation marks) and send it to 59479.

Within 1 – 2 minutes, your system will shut down.

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  • Any alternative sites for kwiry..???

    • Not yet.

  • kwiry is not working yet so how it is possible to create any alternative method to shut down the window 7

    • As soon as we get any update, we’ll post.

  • Hi gyz,
    Asalam o Alikum

    You may control your all pc function only not shutdown , u can everything by mobile
    very easily you can do that , i will teach you how to give command to computer without any kind of like sites human can do anything wiht his/her brain i did this experiment in 2010
    you can submit your function in 2 second while microsoft outlook works in 1 or 2 mints above
    but we may everthing by mobile in some seconds for more visit my website

  • kwirry has stopped there service . now from where should i create my account any information regariding it plz

  • hay there is no run programme option in my outlook what should i do me using XP

    • Kwiry have stopped their service.

  • Any alternate of kwiry?

    • We haven’t found any alternative of Kwiry. I hope to find soon.

  • […] also posted an article before regarding this topic. CLICK HERE to see our previous article. But as Kwiry has dropped their service, so many users ask us if their […]

  • “”
    Link is not working!!!

    • yeah, we also noticed it. Kwiry have shut down their service by now.

  • P.S. I tried it on Windows XP. But haven’t tried on Windows 7. You can try it also on Windows 7 and post the comment here.

    • yeah, it works on win 7 too. i’m using win 7 x64.

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