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How to Remotely Turn On Your PC Over the Internet

Jul 28, 2014   //   by Crocmaster   //   Tweaks  //  No Comments


If you use remote desktop, remote file access, or other server software, you may leave your computer on at home or work when you leave the house. This uses more power. Instead, you could simply remotely power on your PC whenever you need to use it.

This takes advantage of Wake-on-LAN. In spite of its name, it’s possible to set up Wake-on-LAN so that you can send “magic packets” that will wake a computer up over the Internet.  Read more >>

How to Access Shared Folders, Network Printers, and VPNs on a Chromebook

Jul 28, 2014   //   by Crocmaster   //   Tweaks  //  No Comments


Connect a Chromebook to a Windows network and you may be in for a surprise. Your Chromebook can’t access shared folders or network printers, whether they’re shared from a Windows, Mac, or Linux system.

Chromebooks can connect to VPNs, file shares, and printers — but only if these resources are provided in a certain way. If the network resources are configured properly, this should be easy.  Read more >>

5 Ways to Access Your PC’s Files Over the Internet

Jul 28, 2014   //   by Crocmaster   //   Tweaks  //  No Comments


Homegroups and network file sharing make it easy to access your PCs file from another PC on the same local network, but accessing your PC’s files over the Internet takes a bit more setup.

There are many ways to make files available over the Internet. The real challenge here is finding a secure, easy-to-use solution.  Read more >>

Want to Browse Faster? Stop Clearing Your Browser Cache

Mar 12, 2014   //   by Crocmaster   //   Tweaks  //  No Comments


Do you regularly erase your browsing data, run CCleaner, or use another temporary-file cleaning tool? You’re probably clearing your browser cache, and it’s slowing down your browsing.

The cache contains local copies of bits of websites. Your browser loads these bits from your hard drive when you visit a website that requires them, speeding things up and saving download bandwidth.  Read more >>

How to Tell If Your Computer is Overheating and What to Do About It

Dec 11, 2013   //   by Crocmaster   //   Tweaks  //  No Comments


Heat is a computer’s enemy. Computers are designed with heat dispersion and ventilation in mind so they don’t overheat. If too much heat builds up, your computer may become unstable or suddenly shut down.

The CPU and graphics card produce much more heat when running demanding applications. If there’s a problem with your computer’s cooling system, an excess of heat could even physically damage its components.  Read more >>



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