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How to Boot From a USB Drive in VirtualBox

Apr 27, 2014   //   by Crocmaster   //   Geek Speaks  //  No Comments


VirtualBox can boot virtual machines from USB flash drives, allowing you to boot a live Linux system or install an operating system from a bootable USB device. This option is well-hidden.

As this option isn’t exposed in the interface and requires some digging, it may not always work perfectly. It worked fine with Ubuntu 14.04 on a Windows host, but don’t be surprised if you encounter problems with some configurations.  Read more >>

Why Android Phones Slow Down Over Time and How to Speed Them Up

Feb 23, 2014   //   by Crocmaster   //   Geek Speaks  //  No Comments


Do Android phones and tablets slow down over time? Many people seem to think so. We’ll look at the reasons why devices slow down and how to battle slow downs.

This problem isn’t necessarily unique to Android — try using an iPad 3 with iOS 7 and feel how slow it’s become — but it does seem to be reported by many Android users.  Read more >>

5 Hacking Myths You Probably Believe (But You Should Not)

Dec 19, 2013   //   by Crocmaster   //   Geek Speaks  //  No Comments

In movies, the word “hacker” is interchangeable with “wizard.” Screenwriters can have a character mutter something about “nodes” or “encryption,” slap the shit out of a keyboard, and acquire godlike powers over the natural world. They figure the average person doesn’t really understand computers, so anyone who can hack one might as well be a mythical creature. Well, this is one of those times when the Hollywood version of a job is somehow even more hilariously off the mark than usual.  Read more >>

Wait, Firefox is an Operating System Now?

Dec 11, 2013   //   by Crocmaster   //   Geek Speaks  //  No Comments


Did you know that Mozilla is creating a new operating system built on top of Firefox, dubbed Firefox OS? This isn’t an operating system for your computer — Firefox OS is Mozilla’s attempt at a smartphone OS.

If you keep up on tech news, you’ve probably heard of Firefox OS. If you’re a normal person — or just a busy geek who doesn’t read all the tech news — you may not know much about it yet.

Firefox OS is For Smartphones (and Tablets)

Mozilla’s Firefox OS is a smartphone operating system. It won’t be available on laptops or desktops any time soon. However, Mozilla is planning to release tablets running Firefox OS.

Firefox OS isn’t something you’ll install on your own devices. Instead, it’s an operating system that will come on new devices — you’d pick up a new smartphone or tablet that would run Firefox OS instead of Android, iOS, or Windows.  Read more >>

Why is Printer Ink So Expensive?

Nov 13, 2013   //   by Crocmaster   //   Geek Speaks  //  1 Comment


Printer ink is expensive, more expensive per drop than fine champagne or even human blood. If you haven’t gone paperless, you’ll notice that you’re paying a lot for new ink cartridges — more than seems reasonable.

Purchasing the cheapest inkjet printer and buying official ink cartridge replacements is the most expensive thing you can do. There are ways to save money on ink if you must continue to print documents.  Read more >>



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